Rachel Rebecca Covey
June 22, 1991 ~ September 6, 2012

Our beautiful and precious daughter and sister, Rachel Covey, age 21, passed away on the evening of September 6, 2012, from the effects of depression which she had battled with for several years and was welcomed home by a kind and loving Heavenly Father. She valiantly completed her mission on earth and her grandfather, "Papa," will now shepherd her in the next life.

Rachel was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Alpine, Utah by her parents, Rebecca and Sean Covey. She graduated from Liahona Preparatory Academy in 2009, where she played soccer, was on the cheer squad, served as Student Body Secretary, and performed service in Mexico with her classmates. The friendships she built while there have been rich and enduring to this day. During this time, she also served as the Laurel president in her ward. She later spent several months volunteering in an orphanage in Ecuador. Currently, Rachel was working on her degree as a Veterinarian Technician at Broadview University in Orem, Utah.

Rachel had a fun-loving personality and a kind, sweet, and generous spirit. Everyone loved being around her. She had a great sense of humor and a sharp wit, frequently throwing out hilarious one-liners. Children loved her and she was everyone’s favorite nanny and baby-sitter. She always went out of her way to befriend the friendless. She had this uncanny ability to show up in people’s lives at their lowest point and through her accepting and loving ways, lift them to a higher plane. She did the same with animals, often nurturing neglected horses back to health. When it came to helping others, time wasn’t an issue for Rachel. She’d take her cousins on three-hour tube rides behind the jet-ski, spend several days putting together a quilt for a new baby that had just been born, or sacrifice an entire day preparing her younger sister, Elle, and her horse for a rodeo competition.

In the short space of 21 years, Rachel developed more talents than most people do in a lifetime. She was an accomplished harpist. She was a gifted decorator. She taught herself how to paint, repainting her room every few months with some new theme. She made beautiful quilts. She learned to sew and make handbags out of Capri Sun pouches. She made the most incredible banana bread and salsa that you’ve ever tasted. She designed and jerry-rigged horse saddles to be more functional. She learned to back up a trailer as well as anyone. And, although coming from a family who knew nothing about horses, she became an accomplished equestrian, an expert in caring for and riding horses, regularly competing in 25-mile horse endurance races, where she usually finished near the front of the pack. After completing her first endurance race, Rachel said, "I’ve found my voice in life." She planned on competing in the Tevis Cup in the near future, the famous 100-mile endurance race in California. Elle will now compete in her place.

Rachel had a passion for life and never did anything in an ordinary way. She appreciated beautiful things, a well designed leather saddle, a beach setting, a particular texture, bright colors, or succulent flavors. She’d often say, "If I could only choose one food to live on it would be watermelon." Her dream in life was to ride bareback on her horse while galloping through the surf. She loved Fiji water and refused to drink Dasani. At one time or another, she owned a dog, a cat, chickens, birds, lizards, goldfish, a chinchilla, horses, and rabbits. At theme parks, she’d always seek out the scariest ride, even taking her seven-year-old sister Allie on "Catapult" at Lagoon. She loved Jack Johnson, The Beach Boys, and the soundtrack from Spirit. Along with her dad, she shared a passion for The Lord of the Rings movies and was planning on going to the debut of The Hobbit on horseback in full costume.

Her favorite past-time was going on long trail rides in the mountains alone with her horses: Kokomo, Aruba, or Tarzan, which she considered family, along with her Maltese dog, Tinkerbell. On one occasion, she got lost high in the mountains above Cedar Hills and had to be brought down by a Search and Rescue team, refusing to leave her horse in the process.

Rachel loved all of her brothers and sisters and was loved in return. Every so often, Rachel would invite her four-year-old brother, Wyatt, for a sleep over at her apartment. She’d pick him up with his overnight bag, take him to buy a Lego, go out for some food, go back to her room to put the Lego together and watch Shrek, and then put him to sleep at the side of her bed. Rachel also spent countless hours teaching her younger sister Allie to ride horses and just recently rode with her in the Alpine City parade.

Rachel was a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and lived a pure and righteous life. She was without guile. She had a strong testimony of the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation. Truly, she was "a missionary all the days of her life," and she has now been called to serve a new mission. We will miss her dearly, but we know that God needed someone to take care of the horses in heaven. As a family, we look forward with sweet anticipation to the grand reunion that awaits us.

Rachel leaves behind her supporting grandparents, Sandra Covey (wife of the late Stephen R. Covey), and Beth and Gordon Thatcher; her loving mother and father, Rebecca and Sean Covey; her seven brothers and sisters: Michael Sean (22), Beth (18), Elle (16), Nathan (13), Weston (10), Allie (7), and Wyatt (4); her 28 aunts and uncles; and her 86 first cousins.

Funeral services for Rachel will be held Friday, September 14, 2012, at 12:00 noon in the Alpine LDS Stake Center Chapel located at 98 East Canyon Crest Road, Alpine, Utah. A viewing will be held Thursday, evening from 6:00-8:00 pm, at the Alpine Stake Center and also Friday morning from 10:00 to 11:00 am prior to the funeral services at the church. Condolences may be sent to the family at www.warenski.com

In lieu of flowers, you may contribute to Bridle Up Hope: The Rachel Covey Foundation, dedicated to helping young women pursue their dreams and build confidence and self-worth through equestrian training. Donations can be made to the Rachel Covey Donation Account at any Zion’s Bank location.

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