Keaton Scott Howard

2007 ~ 2013

Once upon a time, on August 20, 2007, a prince was born in the Kingdom of Howard. His parents, (Kenneth) Scott & Kimberli (Waters) were overwhelmed by the love that they felt for this special boy, and there was much rejoicing and celebration in the land. They named him Keaton, which means "where hawks fly".

Very quickly, Keaton’s family could see that this was no ordinary boy. From the beginning of his life, Keaton was a light, a bright spot in any room. He had very blond hair and very blue eyes, and very special powers. His special powers gave him the ability to radiate love with those beautiful blue eyes and let everyone know he was listening, and that they were special too. His special powers also healed the people who loved him and brought them closer together. Another one of the powers that he had is that his ears glowed when the light was behind him.

And so, Keaton continued to grow in love and happiness, and in CONSTANT motion. He was a mover and a shaker from the moment that the sun came up until he went to bed to recharge his batteries. He had to have that rest so he would have the energy to do all of his favorite things with all of his favorite people. He had places to go and airplanes to fly with his sister, Briawna and her husband Aaron (Anderson). He had to train to be a Pokemon Master with his brother Dayne, and talk about his favorite things with Dayne’s wife, Kira (Anderson). He had running and jumping to do with his sister Shaye (Shanell) while he told her what was on his mind and astronaut training to do with his big brother Colton. It also took a lot of energy to walk to get snow cones with his sister Marohn and draw and create for hours with his sister Genna (Gennavieve).

Keaton loved to play games and he truly learned how to be happy for others when he didn’t win, because he REALLY liked to win. He was good at winning too, and loved to kick his whole family’s trash at Settlers of Catan.

His Grandma Maureen (Hanes Waters) provided the fuel for these adventures by making him chocolate chip waffles in the morning and his Mama Rae (Eva Rae Geaslin) made sure he had steady supplies of fruit and chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

He spent time with his Dad, apprenticing, learning about being a prince and how to use his agency to be the best he could be. Keeter, (for even princes have to have nick-names) loved to be with his dad, doing errands, fixing stuff and even earning money at Good Earth, picking up garbage off of the floor. (He was SO proud to show his mother what he had worked for.) He also loved to sit in his father’s office while Scott was working. Keaton would spend hours using his creative powers…taping, gluing, stapling and coloring to his heart’s content. Most of his creations were gifts for his family members used to "decorate" their home. From a very young age, when asked what he was going to be when he grows up, Keaton would say, "A dad!"

He also had the very important job of cuddling with his Mama in her bed each morning. He would bring down his fuzzy blanket and whatever stuffed animal pet was having a birthday that day and tell her how old the pet was. Keaton loved to read and he and his mom would read every night in his space ship tent. One of the nice parts of being a prince is that their mothers dote on them…Keaton loved to have his mother feed him oatmeal when he was taking a bath. He also loved to have her cuddle with him while he showed her his favorite parts of Octonauts on TV. He gave her constant hugs and kisses. He used his special powers every day to let her know she was loved. She LOVED the smell of sunshine in his hair.

Keaton loved to go to kindergarten at American Heritage School. He learned that part of his special powers were that he was exceptionally good at reading and math. His favorite part was the time that they learned how to mix colors in class by mixing different colors of icing.

Sometimes, he got to go to way cool places, like Disney World or his favorite, Lake Powell. He played in the sand for hours, making mud pies and playing with Papa’s (Kenneth M Howard) remote control boat.

As with all princes, Keaton Scott had an amazing mission and purpose. He brought nothing but joy and light and laughter all the days of his mission on Earth. Mission accomplished. So, on June 28, 2013, Keaton accepted a new mission. Once again there was great joy and celebrating as he was welcomed with open arms by his Grandpa Greg (Gregory E Waters) and his Uncle Mikey (Michael Sherman Howard) and all those who had gone before him to the other side of the veil. Those he left behind here look forward in faith to being reunited with their bold and brave little prince and to living together happily ever after.

Funeral services will be held on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 at 11:00 am in the American Fork West LDS Stake Center Chapel, 688 West 500 North, American Fork, Utah. Family and friends may call Wednesday morning from 9:30-10:30 am prior to services at the church. Interment will be in the American Fork City Cemetery.

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